FUGUE 61  –    Summer / Fall 2021
(Co-Editor-in-Chief / Cover & Text Design)

Fugue 60    –    Winter / Spring 2021

Fugue 59    –    Summer / Fall 2020
(Nonfiction Editor)
• “Girlhood: An Essay” by Cassie Mannes Murray
• “Self-Portrait as Hunter” by Tori Rego
• “Youth” by Rebecca Bernard
• “Cavity” by Jackie Connelly

Fugue 58    –    Winter / Spring 2020
(Nonfiction Editor)
• “What’s Happening South of Heaven” by Lillian Starr
• “Exodus” by Rachel Cochran
• “And Lead Me Home” by Jackie Hedeman


• Moonlight actor Ashton Sanders – interview by director Barry Jenkins
• White Girl actor Morgan Saylor – interview by director Elizabeth Wood
• Carol by Todd Haynes – interview by filmmaker Gus Van Sant
• Love creator Lesley Arfin – interview by musician Harper Simon

Kirstin SchmittWaiting For the Candyman photography series
Emilie RegnierHair photography series
• Gregory Crewdson – interview by Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner
Ariana Papademetropoulos – interview by musician Ariel Pink
Kori Newkirk – interview by curator Christine Y Kim
Charlie White – interview by curator Ali Subotnik
Doug Rickard – Issue questionnaire

Bråves – Issue Questionnaire
Vince Staples – interview by Kilo Kish
Liphemra – interview by Sunday Gallery founder Adi Rajkovic
Kurt Vile – interview by musician Matty McLouglin
Julia Holter – interview by musician Nite Jewel
Rodrigo Amarante – interview by musician Antony Langdon
Colleen Green – interview by musician Jake Orrall